h1. Ruby implementation project of openEHR specification

h2. Mission Statement

Ruby is a smart and powerful script language based on object-oriented concept. We are going to implement a productive Ruby environment on openEHR in order to reduce programmer's effort on development such as "Ruby on rails":

h2. Current Status

We released version 1.1.3 as the stable version and gem package. Formerly we named openEHR package as 'open_ehr', but it would not be comprehensive with extension such as 'open_ehr-rails'. We changed package name to 'openehr' from version 1.1.0. Most of the reference models have been implemented. Now, we started to develop demographic and terminology server.

We are mainly working on GitHub. An implementation of Ruby ADL parser was passed tests imported from openEHR Java reference implementation project. We are now going to implement openEHR models. How to check out the project from the repository is shown as bellow:

or you can get gem package.

gem install openehr

If you are to join us and enjoy programming in Ruby on the openEHR, please contact me (

If you find some bugs or advice something, please join our mailing list bellow.

h2. Mailing list

This project mailing list is available from "this page": .

h2. About Ruby language

You can find many documents about Ruby on web sites and books. The tutorial and FAQs are recommended.

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Latest news

Version 1.1.6 released
New version 1.1.6 openehr-ruby was released.
Added by KOBAYASHI Shinji over 11 years ago

Version 1.1.3 released
Version 1.1.3 released to pass TravisCI.
Added by KOBAYASHI Shinji almost 12 years ago

Version 1.1.2 released
We released version 1.1.2 to fix Parser bugs
Added by KOBAYASHI Shinji almost 12 years ago

Version 1.0.2 released
Added by KOBAYASHI Shinji over 12 years ago

First stable branch version 1.0.0 is released.
Added by KOBAYASHI Shinji over 12 years ago

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Manager: KOBAYASHI Shinji

Developer: Tatsukawa Akimichi