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We are the local activity of the openEHR project in Japan.
Our missions are shown bellow:


特定非営利活動法人 日本openEHR協会 が発足しました。設立趣旨や参加については下記をごらんください。みなさまのご参加をお待ちしております。


We renewed our web site on Nov 2008. Our former site is shown here

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openEHR総合: 2021年第6回openEHR研究会のご案内
Added by KOBAYASHI Shinji over 2 years ago

openEHR総合: 第4回 openEHR Asia Summitのおしらせ
Added by KOBAYASHI Shinji about 3 years ago

openEHR総合: 2020年第1回openEHR勉強会
Added by KOBAYASHI Shinji over 3 years ago

openEHR総合: The 3rd openEHR Asia summit
This is the 3rd openEHR Asia summit. We welcome the people who are interested in openEHR activities in Asia, especially for COVID-19.
Added by KOBAYASHI Shinji almost 4 years ago

openEHR総合: 第3回NPO日本openEHR協会総会、セミナー
Added by KOBAYASHI Shinji almost 5 years ago

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