openEHR総合: Update server configuration (1 comment)

Added by KOBAYASHI Shinji about 11 years ago

This server configuration was updated in April 6, 2009.
After moving from Fukuoka to Ehime, the Internet environment had been fixed but obsoleted.
The changed points are bellow.

  • redmine 0.7.x -> 0.8.3
  • Ruby 1.8.6 -> 1.8.7
  • fastcgi -> Passenger 2.1.3

openEHR総合: Seagaia meeting 2009

Added by KOBAYASHI Shinji about 11 years ago

We have a seminar around the openEHR with Prof. Kano (Waseda University) in "Seagaia meeting 2009": in Okinawa at May 15, 2009. We will discuss on the architecture and technology of openEHR and our implementation. Some demo will be shown for the audience.

早稲田大学の加納研究室とジョイントで2009年5月15日に開催される "Seagaia meeting 2009": でopenEHRに関連したセミナーを開催します。openEHRのアーキテクチャや技術そして、実装について検討する予定です。デモも予定しております。

Seagaia meetingでの発表内容は"こちら": にあります。

openEHR総合: Dr Sam Heard came to Japan

Added by KOBAYASHI Shinji over 11 years ago

Dr Sam Heard, the director of the openEHR porject came to Japan in November, 2008 to contribute key note lecture at Japan Combined Medical Informatics congress. It was a excellent and encouraging speech for us.


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