Samos(0.5.0) released

We released version release 0.5.0 packages.
Added by KOBAYASHI Shinji almost 11 years ago

This is the version 0.5.0 release of Ruby openEHR
implementation project. This release is still experimental
preview of our work based on openEHR specification
release 1.0.2. We implemented ADL Parser and most
of the reference model packages of the openEHR. This parser
successfully parses 27 ADLs and generates archetype
instances. The work is still in progress.

Almost all classes passed the test constructed by rspec or
test/unit. This test cases are under /spec or /tests.
Our code coverages are shown at

Some specifications are not well determined yet, such as
rm/security and so on. We postponed to implement such

You can get source code via subversion, please checkout

svn co

You can also download gem package for 0.5.0 from following URL.

Terminology and Demographic server will be implemented in
next version, Miyajima release.

We dedicated this release for the beautiful sky and sea of the
Samos island where we first reported our implementation in ICICTH7.
We also dedicate this release for the great artist who encourage me
from my childhood, M.J. R.I.P.